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The African presence in Brazilian music manifests itself in different ways. If in 1966, Baden Powell “Rio-fied” candomblé with the Afro-sambas he composed with Vinícius de Moraes, half a century later we experienced an unprecedented moment with the arrival of musicians from different African countries in the metropolis of São Paulo. In the film Afro-Sampas we see what can happen when musicians from both sides of the Atlantic are brought into contact in the city where they live. Yannick Delass (Democratic Republic of Congo), Edoh Fiho (Togo), Lenna Bahule (Mozambique), and the Brazilians Ari Colares, Chico Saraiva and Meno del Picchia accept our invitation to a first meeting in which they share sounds, memories and creativity.

Musicians interviewed:

Yannick Delass, Meno Del Picchia, Lenna Bahule, Edoh Fiho, Ari Colares, Chico Saraiva


Direction, cameras and research:

Jasper Chalcraft and Rose Satiko Gitirana Hikiji


Editing and colour:

Ricardo Dionisio


Direct sound:

Jasper Chalcraft and Ricardo Dionisio


Mixing and Mastering:

Jean Nands and Ewelter Rocha

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