Teaser: Tabuluja (Wake up!). Available in [PT] and [ENG]. Full version: Tabuluja (Wake up!). Available in [PT] and [ENG]


In his performances Shambuyi Wetu, an artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo and a refugee in São Paulo, constructs narratives about the diaspora experience and the situation of l’homme noir in the world. Part of the Afro-Sampas collection, the film Tabuluja is a collaboration between the artist and the anthropologists Rose Satiko Hikiji and Jasper Chalcraft. The research and filming explores the experiences of African musicians, dancers and artists currently residing in São Paulo, and is part of the project “Being/Becoming African in Brazil: migrating musics and heritages”.

The film has been screened in festivals, conferences in Brazil, Italy, the UK, Japan and Portugal, and was shortlisted by the UK’s AHRC (Arts & Humanities Research Council) Research in Film Awards 2017. 


Directed by:

Shambuyi Wetu, Rose Satiko Hikiji, Jasper Chalcraft


Jasper Chalcraft e Rose Satiko Hikiji


Ricardo Dionisio


Leo Fuzer

Original soundtrack:

Yannick Delass


Laboratório de Imagem e Som em Antropologia / LISA-USP